Different between LED and CFL Lighting System

Both CFL and LED lamps are quite popular in the world though there may be some reasons to believe that LED is slightly overtaking CFL lighting system. There is hardly any doubt that this LED is far ahead in terms of usage and popularity in homes when compared to incandescent lamps and also sodium vapor or mercury lamps. However, in this article, we will be looking at the basic differences between LED lamps and CFL for the benefit of our readers. It may help you to identify the right LED high bay manufacturer in case you are looking for such lighting systems for your home. Further, if you are planning to choose a good set of LED canopy lights this could also come in handy.

Power consumption

This is one of the main thing that is considered when choosing between different types of lighting systems. There is hardly any doubt that LED lights are more energy efficient and they can help save quite a bit in terms of power costs. CFL compares almost 80% more energy when compared to LED.

Better Durability and Life

In terms of overall life and durability, while CFLs are considered better when compared to incandescent lamps, they are not as long lasting as LED lamps and lighting systems. CFL has around 8000 hours of life when LED can give the users almost around 50000 hours of life. Hence, if you are looking from the long term perspective, it makes lot of sense to go in for LED in place of CFL.

Initial Cost

However, as far as initial cost is concerned, it is quite obvious that LED lights are far more expensive. On an average they could be at least two to three times more expensive when compared to CFL and perhaps 10 to 20 time more costly compared to incandescent life. However, when one looks at the overall cost over the life of the lighting system, LED will certainly be a much better option.