Baccarat vs Roulette: Which Game to Choose for Higher Payouts

What would you rather play at the casino on your next night out? Baccarat or Roulette? If it’s higher payouts that you are after, then we recommend switching over to Baccarat and giving up Roulette altogether. This article will compare the two games and show you why Baccarat is a superior choice for maximizing your payout potential.

The Differences between Baccarat and Roulette:

  1. First, let’s talk about the odds. When comparing Roulette to Baccarat, it is important to keep in mind that while both games are similar and offer a house edge of 0.38%, this number varies wildly depending on how you bet in either game.

With many bets at roulette (outside bets), an outside chance will payout 36% more often than betting on these same numbers at baccarat – so your chances of winning might not be as great if you pick roulette. Instead of baccarat for maximizing payout potential!

  1. Second, let’s talk about the payout. When playing Roulette, your chances of winning can vary depending on whether or not you hit a number that has already been called out (and if this is the last spin).

In contrast, baccarat always pays according to the following odds: player gets even money for betting “player” and “banker”. So every time you play Baccarat, there are no surprises in store when it comes to getting paid – just pure winnings each time around.

As long as both hands beat 0, then these games are pretty similar in the payout.

  1. Third, let’s talk about the experience.

It’s important to note that the dealer will always “deal” (aka act as a banker) in baccarat, but Roulette can also be played solo if you want – which means more convenience for those who prefer it this way!

You can play both these games at